A group from Carnegie Mellon College will compete in the Defense Advanced Studies Agency Undercover Challenge, a multi-year robotics competition having a $two million prize by which robots will autonomously explore tunnels, caves and subterranean structures.

The Carnegie Mellon team, together with a key member from Condition College, is among seven teams which will receive as much as $4.5 million from DARPA to build up the automatic platforms, sensors and software essential to accomplish these unparalleled subterranean missions.

The robots are going to be given the job of quickly mapping, exploring and exploiting complex subterranean environments, varying from spaces so small that humans are only able to crawl through these areas large enough to support an exciting-terrain vehicle. The task is made to provide warfighters and first responders using the abilities they have to accomplish a number of missions in caves, tunnels or urban subterranean facilities, for example subway stations.